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  Research Capabilities
Primer's research projects are often international in scope and broad in content. Primer has conducted projects in 17 Latin American countries, throughout the European Union, in ten Asian states, in Central Europe, in the Former Soviet Union and in Africa. Typical projects include public opinion research, audience and media research, and consumer values studies.

Our research capabilities include the following areas:

» Research Design and Questionnaire Construction

Primer specializes in problem definition, study design, data collection, and data analysis aimed at successfully fulfilling our clients' objectives.

» Coordination of Large Multi-Country Studies

Primer provides coordination, quality control, and management for large multi-country studies. The central coordination of large projects offers several benefits to our clients. The convenience of a single point of contact for all project related inquiries. The assurance of independent quality control, oversight, and management of the project, and competitive bidding to ensure the highest quality of service at the lowest cost.

» Comparative Analysis and Opinion Modeling

Primer specializes in the comparative analysis of cross-national research findings. Our proprietary models are specifically designed to allow cross-national comparisons and the development of multinational advertising and corporate communication strategies.

» Focus Groups

Primer analysts coordinate and manage focus group projects throughout the world and moderate focus groups within the United States. Groups can be integrated with quantitative surveys and Primer's proprietary opinion models or conducted as independent projects.


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