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Primer's communication strategy begins with the construction of the Primer map of public opinion. The Primer opinion map measures respondent attitudes on societally relevant social, political, and economic issues through opinion surveys. The common factors underlying the selected social, political, and economic issues are analyzed and then represented through the use of a two dimensional model.
The first axis usually represents ideological inclinations, while the second axis represents material satisfaction.

» Analysis of the Primer Model

The model is a structural approach to public opinion that goes beyond an explication of unidimensional opinions. It provides an analysis of the underlying components that structure societal debates, through an understanding/measurement of the socio/political debates in society. Primer analysts utilize this structure to target opinion groups in terms determined to most fruitfully contribute to a comprehensive view of the issue to be clarified.

» Targeting Opinion Groups

Primer believes that only a differentiated approach to communication can succeed in informing public debate and establishing an appropriate climate of opinion. This differentiated approach clarifies communication through employing symbols and language determined to promote the understanding of complex political questions for the targeted opinion group. Messages are refined through the use of focus groups recruited with the aid of Primer's opinion map.

» Media Placement

Primer's opinion map, also, allows a differentiated approach to message placement. In addition to measuring respondents' opinions on social, political, and economic issues, Primer collects data on the media use of respondents and maps this data on to the opinion map. This allows Primer to establish which information sources appeal to which opinion groups. As a result, messages designed for specific opinion groups are delivered through the medium to which they are most likely to turn. This approach is implemented through Primer's Communication Strategy.

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